Passyunk Neighborhood Revitalization Programs

PARC’s ongoing community service activism has significantly and positively impacted the East Passyunk Avenue Corridor.
The Passyunk Avenue Fountain, which was restored and revitalized in 2011, is a vibrant community hub for both neighbors and visitors.


Fountain Operation



With the completion of the Passyunk Avenue Fountain restoration, we are now actively maintaining it to ensure long-term enjoyment for the neighborhood. Stay tuned as we partner with neighborhood organizations to bring you year-round events in this refurbished space, including the annual spring foutain commencement.

For more information about the restoration read this article from OCF Realty.


Daily Cleaning


We work hard to keep our neighborhood clean. To find out how you can help read the tips section on our daily cleaning page, or browse other resources on our resource page.

For more details about our program you can read this blog post.